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The restoration antique furniture or that favourite armchair, sofa or Granddads' footstool is where it all began at Simon Agombar.


Our roots began with restoring the small favourite piece of furniture, and over the years have developed into the full restoration of period sofas, chaise lounges or the mighty chesterfield.


Traditional methods are used along side modern methods to lovingly restore any piece of furniture, with a fully stocked workshop we use only the best filling, hessian ,webbing and springs to bring back to life your furniture.


French polishing using French polishers along with a brilliant cabinet restorer / maker are attached to our team so allowing your woodwork to be restored to the original pattena. 

Fabric is such an important part of any job, which is why Simon Agombar carries a beautiful selection of modern and the more traditional fabric, with such a wide range of suppliers ranging from Sandersons, Linwood, Romo and Villa Nova.


We are sure you will be able to find the beautiful fabric to compliment the beautiful upholstery that it will cover.

Whilst fabric is the main covering we use, a very wide range of leather is available, with colours across the spectrum there will be no issue of not matching or providing a beautiful hide to compliment any study or fireside chair.

We were recently featured and worked for BBC's DIY SOS TV program on a antique restoration project. 

Trimmings give the finishing touch to any piece, we have a full range of beautiful braids, all supplied to us by a British company, we can match braid to new curtain tie backs which will bring in other features of the room.


A few examples are show below, our show room contains many many more examples, please come and see !

"Craftsmen who take pride in thier work, choose the best frames and fabric to suit your requirements"

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