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See more examples in our Portfolio Section.


Prices for all our range of stools are dependant on the fabric you choose.


Our show room contains many many fabric examples and books, please come and browser our collection to find something that will suit you.

Our full range of  chairs and sofas can be made to fit any personal dimension from the very tall to the very small and for those who enjoy a wider seat.


Our personal measuring service ensures that your chair is built around you, no more bad backs, stiff necks or embarrassing efforts to squeeze into a chair, you will fit in easily and comfortable simple because it was built to fit your size and shape.


So don't suffer any more, come and get measured up for your new chair or sofa !


Sizes as with all our ranges is up to you have it as wide or as deep as you like, there are no boundaries.

Furniture will be delivered FREE of charge within a 25 mile radius of our shop in Smallfield, Surrey.
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